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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Excellent read and really rams it all home. Hopefully people will get the message that aging is something we can do something about. Fortunately I am pretty confident that we will make significant breakthroughs as far as addressing the degenerative effects of aging within 20/25 years. We won’t actually cure aging itself but we will be able to repair much of the damage which arises as a result of it. The key is to remember that the older you get the more infirm you become which results in both a burden on the health services of countries worldwide as well as a reduction in the ability of people to contribute to society. There are no benefits to aging and whilst some people may not want to live for hundreds of years I have met very few who want to become sick due to the passing of the years. Rejuvenative medicine will give us not just a longer life but a healthier one too and we owe it to our parents and those around us to push the research forward to bring these technologies to fruition as soon possible. Some people will say it is wrong and it is against nature or we owe it to future generations to make way for them! Frankly I do not agree with this viewpoint and those that wish to die will be able to do so but personally I want to be around as long as conceivably possible.

    Keep in mind that around 150,000 people die every single day worldwide, of these about two-thirds die as a direct result of aging. That figure of 100,000 deaths is the equivalent of about thirty 9/11’s every day of the year. In first world countries deaths that are caused by aging run at around 90 percent of the total, what this means is that for every person who is killed in a traffic accident, a murder, falling off a cliff, get’s shot on the battlefield or commits suicide there are 10 people who will die of aging. When you look at the figures you start to realise it has to end before it becomes an unsustainable burden on the world’s health services because it’s an accepted fact that most people consume more resources from the health services in the last year of their life than in all their other years combined.

    I know a girl in England who is only in her early 20s and has two parents who had her late in life and both are in a very bad way (Aubrey de Grey knows this person too) the consequence of this of course is she will lose her parents at an early age. The whole situation impacts her to such an extent she’s chronically depressed because she has already lost her grandparents now her parents are going to be going to. This is just a small example but I sympathise with her greatly and of course is an enthusiastic supporter of rejuvenative medicine because although it will be too late for her parents it will not be too late for those are the currently younger.

    Fortunately the evidence tends to support the view that we are within striking distance of being able to influence and ultimately end what in my mind is the greatest cause of suffering that man is forced to endure. Funding will bring that end closer and we can all do our bit by spreading the word because the earlier we develop treatments the more lives will be saved. Like it or not these interventions will arrive and society with have to deal with any perceived drawbacks whilst reaping the benefits. I recommend takinging a look at http://www.sens.org/take-action or for general info one of my sites http://www.drjohnty.com


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