You are here because you are curious – you are curious about the possibility of something more something greater – and why wouldn’t you be?

You are after all a human being with desires hopes, dreams and for those to be squandered and subverted in the face of getting older is no reality any one individual should have to face.

Epecially if like yourself you have high standards and wish to see and experience all that life has to offer…

Which let’s be honest is quite difficult in  the eighty or so years we seem to have been granted by nature…

so with this in mind; I want what you are reading to achieve two things.  

1.  I want you to read this as if your life depended on it!

2.  And I want you to take seriously the idea of eliminating age related disease and death from ageing so that you may live for as long as you choose whilst remaining young healthy and vital.

But first let me as you a question…

Have you come to terms with your own demise?

If so, why?

If you actually paused to reflect on that question the answer is actually rather strikingly obvious…

The only reason we would come to terms with such an eventuality is that we think we have no other choice… that it’s inevitable…

That we’re all going to die, and this is true…

Unless of course we take seriously the idea that we can do something about it; that it may in fact be possible within the forseeeable future to end age related disease and death.


While we may have considered the former (death) to be unequivocably true and the latter (taxes) to be not – perhaps by some utopian miracle – this seemingly indisputable truth might just turn out to be a problem with a medical  solution.

The problem is ageing, the solution is regenerative medicine.

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Dementia
  • Cardiovascular disease
All of the above are aspects of the later stages of ageing…
 Ageing kills approximately one hundred thousand people every day.  It is the one of the leading causes of suffering.
It will strip you of your dignity and rob you of your youth…
 If you think this is unacceptable and even downright atrocious then it would be wise and prudent for you to take decisive action.

What was once thought of as an intractable problem has now given way to a new understanding…

A new understanding of what ageing actually is…

Namely the ongoing accumulation of damage that the body does to itself as a side effect of its normal operation.


In simple terms:- Living = damage

Damage (eventually) = disease

This damage is potentially amenable to medical intervention…

(Meaning we are within striking distance of being able to universally eliminate ALL age related disease disability and frailty.)


For a comprehensive discussion of the various types of damage and how the sens approach aims to treat them click here

This is the primary objective of SENS research foundation who are working towards eliminating the diseases and disabilities of old age.

Spearheaded by Aubrey de Grey their research advisory board consists of some of the worlds leading luminaries in the biology of ageing.

We tend to think of ageing as distinct from disease, however this is simply not true.
All of the diseases that no one wants to get…
That we spend billions attempting to cure with very little success
Are side effects of being alive in the first place.
Fortunately we now have the insight, medical understanding and potential know-how to reverse repair and rejuvenate the human body.
True regenerative medicine which will restore YOUR youth both in appearance and function.
Preempting ALL age related disease, keeping you young healthy and vital…
So that you can continue to live, enjoy life and do more of what you love or might have missed out on…
In what is arguably an extremely short and limited lifespan!

Consider all of the musicians actors or celebrities you love.

Consider all of the beautiful people you know (or don’t know) who in their hearts want to continue living.  This includes you, your parents your children, and those nearest and dearest.

Consider the little old lady who just turned 65 who is about to collect her pension – with still a spark in her eyes I am sure she would appreciate another chance to revivify her passion for ballroom and ballet 🙂

Consider those who for whatever reason might have missed out on their dreams or who failed to develop their full potential.

As you read this I hope you are fully internalizing in your heart that this is a tragedy of epic proportions.

Who would you rather be?


          Fun                                           Not fun

You do not have to accept fate.

You do not have to accept a limited lifespan…

And you do not have to accept the inevitable suffering it causes for you or the ones you love…


Is being born such a crime that it should carry a death sentence?


Most definitely not!

Things to consider about eliminating death from ageing…

  • Elderly continue to contribute wealth to society
  • No more cancer heart disease or dementia
  • Time to develop new skills see new places and meet new people
  • Opportunities’ to experience future technological innovation

What you need to know…

  • Ageing as we know it is universal
  • You cannot escape it.
  • No matter what your lifestyle is
  • We have an inbuilt capacity to tolerate a certain amount of damage
  • Once we reach that threshold something will go wrong.

So if you value your existence then make a commitment.

Give what you can and we can prevent you from experiencing this…


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